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Return Video Part 2 from GAT 3 Productions

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Part 2 of a video series showing behind the scenes footage of the recording of Return by Kenny Smith. Return has been noted as a follow up to Kenny's first solo endeavor, Studebaker, released 13 years ago. This Sophomore album includes Studebakerʼs rhythm section, Barry Bales and Adam Steffey, along with other esteemed players such as Aubrey Haynie, Jim Denman and Adam Hurt. As notable as the quality of the sound recording is the amazing lineup of vintage guitars for Return. Kennyʼs classic 1935 Martin D-18 is immediately recognizable on several songs. The brilliance and harmonic fullness of this guitar has beauty and strength in the hands of Kenny. Returning from history for the project is Norman Blakeʼs old guitar. This was the only D-28 shaded top built in 1933 making it as rare as Kenny Smith himself. This massive guitar tone hasnʼt been recorded since the 80ʼs. A 1935 Gibson advanced jumbo was also chosen by Kenny to be included on this album. This unique prototype projects as it appears, with bold and warm tones accompanied by a bit of grit to give unique character to chosen parts.