Kenny and Amanda Smith

Kenny and Amanda Smith
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Date Title City State
12-02-2017 House Concert K&A Duet West Chester PA
12-09-2017 Cumberland Mountain Music Show with Steve Gulley Cumberland Gap TN
02-02-2018 House Concert K&A Duet Hawthorne FL
02-03-2018 House Concert K&A Duet St. Augustine FL
02-08-2018 The Historic Thomas Center/Duet Show Gainesville FL
02-09-2018 House Concert K&A Duet Palm Beach FL
02-10-2018 Norris Center/Duet Show Naples FL
03-16-2018 - 03-18-2018 Nashville Flatpick Camp Nashville TN
04-05-2018 - 04-08-2018 Alabama Folk School Camp Nauvoo AL
06-24-2018 - 06-29-2018 Allegheny Echoes Camp Marlinton WV
07-08-2018 - 07-13-2018 Acoustic Music Week Cumberland Gap TN
10-26-2018 - 10-28-2018 Nashville Flatpick Camp Nashville TN
01-28-2019 - 02-02-2019 Caribbean Classic Country and Bluegrass Cruise Tampa FL